Interchange list – Old vs. new designations

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  Uniform designations 
From this list, you can use the old designation to find the new uniform designation of INA and FAG.

An even faster way is to use the search function in medias®. Type the old or new designation in the search field top right and click on the binoculars.
Old: New:
511/500MP 511/500-MP
511/530MP 511/530-MP
511/560MP 511/560-MP
51130MP 51130-MP
51132MP 51132-MP
51134MP 51134-MP
51136MP 51136-MP
51138MP 51138-MP
51140MP 51140-MP
51144MP 51144-MP
51148MP 51148-MP
51152MP 51152-MP
51156MP 51156-MP
51160MP 51160-MP
51164MP 51164-MP
51168MP 51168-MP
51172MP 51172-MP
51176MP 51176-MP
51180MP 51180-MP
51184MP 51184-MP
51192MP 51192-MP
51230MP 51230-MP
51232MP 51232-MP
51234MP 51234-MP
51236MP 51236-MP
51238MP 51238-MP
51240MP 51240-MP
51244MP 51244-MP
51248MP 51248-MP
51252MP 51252-MP
51256MP 51256-MP
51260M 51260-MP
51264M 51264-MP
51268M 51268-MP
51272M 51272-MP
51322MP 51322-MP
51324MP 51324-MP
51326MP 51326-MP
51328MP 51328-MP
51330MP 51330-MP
51332M 51332-MP
51334M 51334-MP
51336M 51336-MP
51338M 51338-MP
51340M 51340-MP
51412MP 51412-MP
51413MP 51413-MP
51414MP 51414-MP
51415MP 51415-MP
51416MP 51416-MP
51417MP 51417-MP
51418MP 51418-MP
51420MP 51420-MP
51422MP 51422-MP
51424MP 51424-MP
52230MP 52230-MP
52232MP 52232-MP
52234MP 52234-MP
52322MP 52322-MP
52324MP 52324-MP
52326MP 52326-MP
52328MP 52328-MP
52330MP 52330-MP
53230MP 53230-MP
53230MP 53230-MP + U230
53232MP 53232-MP
53232MP 53232-MP + U232
53234MP 53234-MP
53234MP 53234-MP + U234
53236MP 53236-MP
53236MP 53236-MP + U236
53238MP 53238-MP
53238MP 53238-MP + U238
53322MP 53322-MP
53322MP 53322-MP + U322
53324MP 53324-MP
53324MP 53324-MP + U324
53330MP 53330-MP
53330MP 53330-MP + U330
54322MP 54322-MP
54322MP 54322-MP + U322
548428K.C3 Z-548428.ZL-K-C3
565499K.C5 Z-565499.ZL-K-C5
565530K.C5 Z-565530.ZL-K-C5
565531K.C5 Z-565531.ZL-K-C5
565664K.C5 Z-565664.ZL-K-C5
565665K.C5 Z-565665.ZL-K-C5
565666K.C5 Z-565666.ZL-K-C5
565667K.C5 Z-565667.ZL-K-C5
565668K.C5 Z-565668.ZL-K-C5
565669K.C5 Z-565669.ZL-K-C5
565670K.C5 Z-565670.ZL-K-C5
565671K.C5 Z-565671.ZL-K-C5
565672K.C5 Z-565672.ZL-K-C5
565673K.C5 Z-565673.ZL-K-C5
565674K.C5 Z-565674.ZL-K-C5
565675K.C5 Z-565675.ZL-K-C5
565676K.C5 Z-565676.ZL-K-C5
565677K.C5 Z-565677.ZL-K-C5
565678K.C5 Z-565678.ZL-K-C5
565679K.C5 Z-565679.ZL-K-C5
565680K.C5 Z-565680.ZL-K-C5
565681K.C5 Z-565681.ZL-K-C5
565682K.C5 Z-565682.ZL-K-C5
565684K.C5 Z-565684.ZL-K-C5
565685K.C5 Z-565685.ZL-K-C5
565686K.C5 Z-565686.ZL-K-C5
565688K.C5 Z-565688.ZL-K-C5
565874K.C5 Z-565874.ZL-K-C5
566170K.C3 Z-566170.ZL-K-C3
566170K.C5 Z-566170.ZL-K-C5
566290K.C3 Z-566290.ZL-K-C3
566293K.C3 Z-566293.ZL-K-C3
566296K.C3 Z-566296.ZL-K-C3
566484K.C5 Z-566484.ZL-K-C5
566486K.C5 Z-566486.ZL-K-C5
566487K.C5 Z-566487.ZL-K-C5
566488K.C5 Z-566488.ZL-K-C5
566489K.C5 Z-566489.ZL-K-C5
566490K.C5 Z-566490.ZL-K-C5
566491K.C5 Z-566491.ZL-K-C5
566492K.C5 Z-566492.ZL-K-C5
567445K.C3 Z-567445.ZL-K-C3
567473K.C5 Z-567473.ZL-K-C5
567498K.C3 Z-567498.ZL-K-C3
567498K.C5 Z-567498.ZL-K-C5
567601K.C3 Z-567601.ZL-K-C3
567601K.C5 Z-567601.ZL-K-C5
572367K.C5 Z-572367.ZL-K-C5
572777K.C5 Z-572777.ZL-K-C5
573929K.C5 Z-573929.ZL-K-C5
574099K.C5 Z-574099.ZL-K-C5
580454K.C5 Z-580454.ZL-K-C5

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