Interchange list – Old vs. new designations

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  Uniform designations
From this list, you can use the old designation to find the new uniform designation of INA and FAG.

An even faster way is to use the search function in medias®. Type the old or new designation in the search field top right and click on the binoculars.
Old: New:
DKLFA 1575.2RS DKLFA1575-2RS
DKLFA 2080.2RS DKLFA2080-2RS
DKLFA 2590.2RS DKLFA2590-2RS
DKLFA 30100.2RS DKLFA30100-2RS
DKLFA 30110.2RS DKLFA30110-2RS
DKLFA 40115.2RS DKLFA40115-2RS
DKLFA 40140.2RS DKLFA40140-2RS
DRS 1560 DRS1560
DRS 1762 DRS1762
DRS 2068 DRS2068
DRS 2080 DRS2080
DRS 2575 DRS2575
DRS 2590 DRS2590
DRS 30105 DRS30105
DRS 3080 DRS3080
DRS 35110 DRS35110
DRS 3590 DRS3590
DRS 40100 DRS40100
DRS 40115 DRS40115
DRS 45105 DRS45105
DRS 45130 DRS45130
DRS 50115 DRS50115
DRS 50140 DRS50140
DRS 55145 DRS55145
DRS 60150 DRS60150
DRS 65155 DRS65155
DRS 70160 DRS70160
DRS 75185 DRS75185
DRS 90210 DRS90210

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