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  Uniform designations
From this list, you can use the old designation to find the new uniform designation of INA and FAG.

An even faster way is to use the search function in medias®. Type the old or new designation in the search field top right and click on the binoculars.
Old: New:
108TV 108-TVH
11204TV 11204-TVH
11205TV 11205-TVH
11206TV 11206-TVH
11207TV 11207-TVH
11208TV 11208-TVH
11209TV 11209-TVH
11210TV 11210-TVH
11211TV 11211-TVH
11212TV 11212-TVH
1200TV 1200-TVH
1201TV 1201-TVH
1202TV 1202-TVH
1203TV 1203-TVH
1204K.TV.C3 1204-K-TVH-C3
1204K.TV.C3 1204-K-TVH-C3 + H204
1204TV 1204-TVH
1205K.TV.C3 1205-K-TVH-C3
1205K.TV.C3 1205-K-TVH-C3 + H205
1205TV 1205-TVH
1206K.TV.C3 1206-K-TVH-C3
1206K.TV.C3 1206-K-TVH-C3 + H206
1206TV 1206-TVH
1207K.TV.C3 1207-K-TVH-C3
1207K.TV.C3 1207-K-TVH-C3 + H207
1207TV 1207-TVH
1208K.TV.C3 1208-K-TVH-C3
1208K.TV.C3 1208-K-TVH-C3 + H208
1208TV 1208-TVH
1209K.TV.C3 1209-K-TVH-C3
1209K.TV.C3 1209-K-TVH-C3 + H209
1209TV 1209-TVH
1210K.TV.C3 1210-K-TVH-C3
1210K.TV.C3 1210-K-TVH-C3 + H210
1210TV 1210-TVH
1211K.TV.C3 1211-K-TVH-C3
1211K.TV.C3 1211-K-TVH-C3 + H211
1211TV 1211-TVH
1212K.TV.C3 1212-K-TVH-C3
1212K.TV.C3 1212-K-TVH-C3 + H212
1212TV 1212-TVH
1213K.TV.C3 1213-K-TVH-C3
1213K.TV.C3 1213-K-TVH-C3 + H213
1213TV 1213-TVH
1214K.TV.C3 1214-K-TVH-C3
1214K.TV.C3 1214-K-TVH-C3 + H214
1214TV 1214-TVH
1215K.TV.C3 1215-K-TVH-C3
1215K.TV.C3 1215-K-TVH-C3 + H215
1215TV 1215-TVH
1216K.TV.C3 1216-K-TVH-C3
1216K.TV.C3 1216-K-TVH-C3 + H216
1216TV 1216-TVH
1217K.TV.C3 1217-K-TVH-C3
1217K.TV.C3 1217-K-TVH-C3 + H217
1217TV 1217-TVH
1218K.TV.C3 1218-K-TVH-C3
1218K.TV.C3 1218-K-TVH-C3 + H218
1218TV 1218-TVH
1219K.M.C3 1219-K-M-C3
1219K.M.C3 1219-K-M-C3 + H219
1219M 1219-M
1220K.M.C3 1220-K-M-C3
1220K.M.C3 1220-K-M-C3 + H220
1220M 1220-M
1221M 1221-M
1222K.M.C3 1222-K-M-C3
1222K.M.C3 1222-K-M-C3 + H222
1222M 1222-M
1224M 1224-M
1226M 1226-M
1228M 1228-M
1230M 1230-M
126TV 126-TVH
127TV 127-TVH
129TV 129-TVH
1303TV 1303-TVH
1304TV 1304-TVH
1305K.TV.C3 1305-K-TVH-C3
1305K.TV.C3 1305-K-TVH-C3 + H305
1305TV 1305-TVH
1306K.TV.C3 1306-K-TVH-C3
1306K.TV.C3 1306-K-TVH-C3 + H306
1306TV 1306-TVH
1307K.TV.C3 1307-K-TVH-C3
1307K.TV.C3 1307-K-TVH-C3 + H307
1307TV 1307-TVH
1308K.TV.C3 1308-K-TVH-C3
1308K.TV.C3 1308-K-TVH-C3 + H308
1308TV 1308-TVH
1309K.TV.C3 1309-K-TVH-C3
1309K.TV.C3 1309-K-TVH-C3 + H309
1309TV 1309-TVH
1310K.TV.C3 1310-K-TVH-C3
1310K.TV.C3 1310-K-TVH-C3 + H310
1310TV 1310-TVH
1311K.TV.C3 1311-K-TVH-C3
1311K.TV.C3 1311-K-TVH-C3 + H311
1311TV 1311-TVH
1312K.TV.C3 1312-K-TVH-C3
1312K.TV.C3 1312-K-TVH-C3 + H312
1312TV 1312-TVH
1313K.TV.C3 1313-K-TVH-C3
1313K.TV.C3 1313-K-TVH-C3 + H313
1313TV 1313-TVH
1314M 1314-M
1315K.M.C3 1315-K-M-C3
1315K.M.C3 1315-K-M-C3 + H315
1315M 1315-M
1316K.M.C3 1316-K-M-C3
1316K.M.C3 1316-K-M-C3 + H316
1316M 1316-M
1317K.M.C3 1317-K-M-C3
1317K.M.C3 1317-K-M-C3 + H317
1317M 1317-M
1318K.M.C3 1318-K-M-C3
1318K.M.C3 1318-K-M-C3 + H318
1318M 1318-M
1319K.M.C3 1319-K-M-C3
1319K.M.C3 1319-K-M-C3 + H319
1319M 1319-M
1320K.M.C3 1320-K-M-C3
1320K.M.C3 1320-K-M-C3 + H320
1320M 1320-M
1321M 1321-M
1322K.M.C3 1322-K-M-C3
1322K.M.C3 1322-K-M-C3 + H322
1322M 1322-M
135TV 135-TVH
16056M 16056-M
16060M 16060-M
16064M 16064-M
16068M 16068-M
16072M 16072-M
16076M 16076-M

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